To get the most from your knitting experience it pays to invest in the very best tools. McIntosh supplies single and double points straight needles, fixed and interchangeable circulars and even square-shaped needles. We specialise in brands that produce the highest quality products using ethical, sustainable practices.
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Handcrafted by skilled artisans in South East Asia using traditional skills and sustainable ebony wood.
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Family owned, employing and supporting 1,400+ workers with a story that will warm your heart.
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Made in Japan since 1925, Clover products are built to very high specifications with the philosophy “to make people around the world happy through handmade”.
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Luxury in your hands. Family owned since 1829, addi needles and hooks are manually produced with 25 stages of quality control.
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Seeknit by Kinki Amibar, the oldest bamboo knitting needle manufacturer in Japan, who, for over 100 years have continued to produce the best quality needles.
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