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Addi | addiSock | Double Pointed Aluminium Knitting Needles | 201-7

Addi | addiSock | Double Pointed Aluminium Knitting Needles | 201-7

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Knit Socks and Tiny Treasures with Ease: Addi Aluminium Double Pointed Knitting Needles


Calling all sock knitters!

Take your sock projects to the next level with these premium Addi Aluminium Double Pointed Knitting Needles.

These needles are perfect for knitting socks, mittens, sleeves, and any other project requiring small circumferences.

Made from lightweight, smooth aluminium, they offer effortless stitch glide and comfortable knitting for hours on end.

Note, not all sizes are manufactured in each length.

The perfect points ensure clean stitches and prevent snagging, while the smooth, matte finish keeps your stitches securely in place.


Key Features:

  • Material: Lightweight, smooth aluminium.


  • Length: Available in a variety of lengths to suit your project needs from 10 to 40cm.


  • Sizes: Available in a range of popular needle sizes 2.00mm to 8.00mm .


  • Nickel-free: Ideal for knitters with nickel allergies.


  • Smooth, matte finish: Prevents snags and keeps stitches in place


  • Perfect points: Create clean, even stitches


  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold


Contains five Addi double pointed knitting needles.


Indulge your hands in the Addi Difference.



          Experience the difference of Addi aluminium Sock Double Pointed Knitting Needles.

          These needles are crafted with over 190 years of expertise to deliver premium quality.

          Expect perfect connections between the needles and cord, for a snag-free knitting experience. The flexible cords ensure comfortable knitting, while the smooth, lightweight tips let your stitches glide effortlessly.

          Knit with confidence, knowing you're using the best – Addi, proudly made in Germany by the Selter family in Altena, North Rhine-Westphalia since 1829.

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