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Clover | Takumi | Bamboo Single Pointed Straight Knitting Needles | McIntosh

Clover | Takumi | Bamboo Single Pointed Knitting Needles

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Clover Takumi Bamboo Single Pointed Knitting Needles


Crafted from premium, lightweight bamboo, Clover Takumi single pointed knitting needles offer a smooth, quiet, and comfortable knitting experience.

Available in a variety of needle sizes (2mm - 10mm) and lengths (23cm - 40cm), these versatile needles are perfect for a wide range of knitting projects, from socks and hats to sweaters and blankets.


Key features:


  • Made from natural bamboo for a warm, tactile feel


  • Lightweight and smooth for effortless knitting


  • Tapered points for easy stitch pick-up


  • Available in a range of sizes and lengths to suit your project needs


Each pack contains 2 knitting needles



    About Takumi®

    Takumi is the Japanese word for 'artisan' and the name given to the art born from combining the finest raw materials and Clover's unmatched manufacturing technology.

    The finest bamboo is selected from forests that are in cold areas with only a little snow that are 4 to 5 years old. To ensure comfort for the knitter the bamboo is carefully machined to create a uniform shaft with a smooth surface that fits in your hands comfortably and allow stitches to glide easily.

    Needle tips are precision designed to accommodate the finest yarns and virtually any knitting technique.


    Why Bamboo?

    Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that grows faster, produces more oxygen and absorbs more CO₂ than trees.

    Being very light and flexible, yet strong enough for long use, bamboo is an exceptional material from nature to knit with. 


    About Clover

    Clover began when Toshio Okada started to work for a needle wholesaler at the age of 14. His mentor gave him a book on 'moral philosophy' to read and Toshio picked a clover leaf to use as a bookmark.

    In 1925, Toshio opened his own needle shop and soon after World War 2, he began manufacturing needles and sewing products. Over the years the company has grown and today, in Osaka, Japan Clover produce a range of knitting and crochet products to very high specifications built on the philosophy to "Make people around the world happy through handmade".

    Implementing strict quality standards at each stage of production, Clover products are tested multiple times in a real life scenario. Manufacturing is carried out in their factory which has international recognition for having a low environmental impact as it has obtained ISO 14001 certification.

    Clover also have a strong emphasis on diversity and the eradication of all types of discrimination within their workforce.  

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