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Lantern Moon | Single Ended Crochet Hooks

Lantern Moon | Single Ended Crochet Hooks

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Lantern Moon | Single Ended Crochet Hooks - Handcrafted Ebony Perfection



Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of crocheting with our exquisite single-ended hooks, sculpted from the rich, dense grain of ebony wood.

Renowned for its beauty and strength, ebony offers a truly unparalleled crafting experience.



Glide through stitches with unmatched ease:


  • Liquid silk finish: Experience the difference of a meticulously hand-polished surface, warm to the touch and gentle on your hands. Yarn glides effortlessly, free from snags and stumbles, for hours of fatigue-free crocheting.


  • Precisely honed hooks: Each hook is expertly crafted and tapered for flawless yarn pick-up and control, perfect for every stitch, yarn weight, and technique.


  • Ebony elegance: Revel in the natural beauty of this exotic hardwood. Its deep, dark tones and subtle striations lend a touch of sophistication to your craft corner.



Unleash your creativity with endless possibilities:


  • Master any yarn: From delicate threads to chunky fibres, our ebony hooks handle them all with grace and precision.


  • Effortless control: The inherent weight and balance of ebony wood provide a delightful sense of control over your stitches, ideal for intricate patterns and delicate details.


  • A timeless heirloom: Invest in a crochet tool built to last. Ebony's natural strength and resilience ensure these hooks will become treasured companions for years to come.



Available in a range of sizes to suit your projects:


  • 3.00mm | US size 3
  • 3.75mm  | US size F/5
  • 4.00mm | US size G/6
  • 4.50mm | US size 7
  • 5.00mm | US size H/7
  • 5.50mm | US size I/9
  • 6.00mm | US size J/10
  • 6.50mm | US size K/10.5
  • 7.00mm 
  • 8.00mm | US size L/11
  • 9.00mm | US size M/13
  • 10.00mm | US size N/15




Eco Friendly Packaging: All Lantern Moon products come in eco-friendly packaging materials like fabric and paper that both have eco friendly inks.

Ebony Wood: All Lantern Moon Ebony Wood is sourced from Indian Government authorised wood stockyards and is sold as per the provisions of local laws and international treaties.

Caring for Ebony Wood: The ebony needles get naturally moisturised by the oils in McIntosh wools and yarns and become smoother with every use. However, it is good to clean your hooks a couple of times a year. To do this, clean the needles with a clean, dry muslin or paper towel and apply a very very thing layer of natural bee's wax. Allow it to dry and then buff with a soft muslin or chamois cloth.

Warranty: A 12 month warranty comes with all Lantern Moon products from the time of purchase if sent back to McIntosh together with a receipt and if the damage is due to a manufacturing fault. In the case of hook set, replacement will be provided for the affected hook and / or just the faulty part.


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I’m James McIntosh, a one person business.
I hand-dye all the wools to order and personally pack every knitting and crochet item sold and send them to McIntosh customers all over the world - in plastic-free, 100% recyclable and FSC® certified packaging - naturally.
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