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Addi | addiCraSyTrio | Double Pointed Knitting Needles | 160-2 | 21cm Short

Addi | addiCraSyTrio | Double Pointed Knitting Needles | 160-2 | 21cm Short

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Revolutionise your sock and small circumference knitting with the innovative Addi CraSy Trio needles.


This 3-piece set of flexible double-pointed needles makes conquering those fiddly projects a breeze.


Here's what makes the Addi CraSy Trio special:

  • Effortless knitting in small diameters: The flexible centre allows the needles to conform to your hand, reducing fatigue and cramping during long projects.


  • Fewer needle changes, faster knitting: Distribute your stitches across two needles and knit with the third, resulting in only two transitions per round.


  • Double the tip options: Each metal needle boasts both a BASIC tip for a smooth glide and a LACE tip for precise control, letting you choose your ideal feel.


  • Perfect for a variety of projects: These versatile needles are ideal for knitting socks, sleeves, turtlenecks, hats, mittens, and adorable baby clothes.


Contains three Addi double pointed knitting needles.

Indulge your hands in the Addi Difference.




          Experience the difference of Addi CraSy Trio Double Pointed Knitting Needles.

          These needles are crafted with over 190 years of expertise to deliver premium quality.

          Expect perfect connections between the needles and cord, for a snag-free knitting experience. The flexible cords ensure comfortable knitting, while the smooth, lightweight tips let your stitches glide effortlessly.

          Knit with confidence, knowing you're using the best – Addi, proudly made in Germany by the Selter family in Altena, North Rhine-Westphalia since 1829.

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