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Lantern Moon | Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips

Lantern Moon | Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips

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Lantern Moon Interchangeable Knitting Needle Tips - Effortless Knitting Awaits


Indulge in the luxurious experience of Lantern Moon interchangeable knitting needle tips, crafted from the finest ebony wood, prized for its rich colour, exceptional density, and smooth, naturally warm feel.


A cacophony for your senses:


  • Ebony elegance: Each needle tip is meticulously carved from ethically sourced ebony, boasting a natural "liquid silk" finish that glides effortlessly through your stitches, minimising snags and friction.


  • Effortless transitions: The perfectly shaped points and polished surface ensure seamless movement between needles, making knitting a joy, not a chore.


  • 24 carat confidence: The secure brass connectors, adorned with a luxurious 24-carat gold finish, hold your projects firmly in place, guaranteeing snag-free knitting.


  • Universal appeal: These versatile needle tips are ideal for every type of yarn and wool, from delicate mohair to chunky rustic blends.



Available in a range of sizes to suit your project:


  • 10cm (4") needle tips: Perfect for smaller projects, socks, hats, and delicate lace knitting.


  • 13cm (5") needle tips: Ideal for sweaters, scarves, blankets, and larger projects.



Each pack contains two needle tips in your chosen size and length.



You can find cords, cables and connectors for interchangeable tips HERE




Eco Friendly Packaging: All Lantern Moon products come in eco-friendly packaging materials like fabric and paper that both have eco friendly inks.

Ebony Wood: All Lantern Moon Ebony Wood is sourced from Indian Government authorised wood stockyards and is sold as per the provisions of local laws and international treaties.

Caring for Ebony Wood: The ebony needles get naturally moisturised by the oils in McIntosh wools and yarns and become smoother with every use. However, it is good to clean your needles a couple of times a year. To do this, clean the needles with a clean, dry muslin or paper towel and apply a very very thin layer of natural bee's wax. Allow it to dry and then buff with a soft muslin or chamois cloth.

Warranty: A 12 month warranty comes with all Lantern Moon products from the time of purchase. If required send back to McIntosh, together with a receipt of purchase, and if the damage is due to a manufacturing fault, the product will be replaced. In the case of needle sets, replacement will be provided for the affected needle and / or just the faulty part.


McIntosh is a boutique hand-dyed wool and haberdashery company based in London.
I’m James McIntosh, a one person business.
I hand-dye all the wools to order and personally pack every knitting and crochet item sold and send them to McIntosh customers all over the world - in plastic-free, 100% recyclable and FSC® certified packaging - naturally.
You can read the story of how knitting saved my life HERE, or to see what the Press say about McIntosh click HERE.